9 Best Scenic Beaches in the US for Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is a unique activity that you have to experience at least once. Not just anywhere, but on a beach with seaside scenery. It’s exciting and majestic to be able to explore the shoreline on horseback while having an elevated view of the water and surrounding landscape. On some beaches, you can even jump into the water; not too deep, but deep enough for the rider to swim with the horse and feel the relaxing temperature of the water. Those feeling adventurous can participate in horse racing or even record an interesting seaside movie scene in this unique setting. Already seduced by the idea of ​​this exciting experience? Here are some scenic beaches in the United States that are perfect for this activity.

9 North Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Texas

Horseback riding is a popular activity in Corpus Christi and the beaches that stretch along beautiful North Padre Island are the perfect places to enjoy a relaxing stroll by the water. Beginners and experienced riders alike can enjoy this unique experience in Corpus Christi as guides are always on hand to keep an eye on the riders.

8 Turtle Bay, Hawaii

Turtle Bay is located on the northern shore and horseback riding is a unique way to explore the landscapes that surround this coastline. Compared to other parts of North Shore, Turtle Bay is less crowded but no less attractive. Stables are available at the Turtle Bay Resort where horseback riding is offered for visitors who simply want to enjoy a peaceful ride along this sandy Hawaiian shoreline on horseback.

7 Surfside Beach, Texas

The horse-loving state of Texas has plenty of beaches for horseback riding, and Surfside Beach is one of the most popular. This beautiful shore located in a village of the same name is a favorable and picturesque place for the practice of horseback riding. These raging waves, the beautiful colors of the water and the sky and the serenity of the area make the beach perfect for visitors who want to spend intimate time on horseback with their family, friends or partners.

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6 Popham Beach, Maine

Popham Beach in Maine is stunning and while swimming and kite flying are ways to explore the beach, horseback riding is one of the lesser known ways to experience this coastal beauty. The beach is generally less crowded, meaning visitors will still have the sandy shores to themselves and their horses while enjoying the views of nearby islands, unique homes, and fishing boats. Although visitors are allowed to bring their horses to the beach, they do not necessarily need to have horses to enjoy this experience as there are stables nearby for horse rental.

5 Ten Mile Beach, California

Ten Mile Beach is one of California’s most scenic beaches and horseback riding is an amazing way to see this seaside beauty. With several ranches offering daily tours for riders of all skill levels, no one will be left out. this majestic seaside promenade. Besides the peaceful nature of this beach, visitors will enjoy the sights of several species of birds as well as the sounds of endless waves.

4 Myrtle Beach, SC

South Carolina’s beautiful Myrtle Beach is one of the places in the state that offers beautiful beach horseback riding. The experience will allow visitors to ride peacefully on the sand of the beach while enjoying the ocean waves, cool breeze and scenic views. In Myrtle Beach, riders are even allowed to ride their horses through the water for some exciting splashes. Most beach horseback riding tours offer rides for visitors of all skill levels and nearly all ages.

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3 Imperial Beach, California

Imperial Beach is known for many unique things and one of the most popular is its title as the most southern beach in California and the West Coast. But besides its unique location, Imperial Beach is also famous for hosting events such as – the Surf Dog competition and the largest sandcastle competition in the United States.. While there are other exciting things to do on this popular beach, horseback riding offers a unique way to explore the vast coastline. Stables are located around the town for horse hire and horseback riding suitable for all levels of riders. During the experience, riders will enjoy absolute serenity and mesmerizing scenery as well as views of dolphins swimming through the water.

2 Long Beach, WA

Long Beach is exactly as it sounds – long, and that’s what makes riding here worth experiencing. With up to 28 miles of coastline, it’s a whole new world of freedom for cyclists. Empty beach sand, endless stretches of blue sky, relaxing ocean waves, and the occasional sight of soaring eagles are things to look forward to on a horseback ride across the vast beach.

1 Palma Sola Bay, Bradenton, Florida

At the beach in Palma Sola Bay, Florida, visitors can not only ride horses, but can also get in the water to enjoy a swim with the beauties. Florida’s warm weather makes this unique experience exciting for both rider and horse. Guides are always available at all times to guide visitors on how to swim with the horses on the water.

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