A man denounces the railway rule which prohibits passengers from boarding at a later stop or alighting at an earlier stop

A Beverley man was horrified when he was warned he could be fined for boarding a train in his home town rather than Hull.

The man, who does not wish to be named, said he bought a pre-sale ticket from Hull to Scarborough, but because he lives in Beverley he decided to board the train from Beverley station, which is found after Hull on the road. However, when a train conductor checked his ticket, he was told he would be fined if caught doing so again, as he had to travel the full length of the journey shown on his ticket.

He was told the policy meant people were also not allowed to get off their train at previous stops and would also risk being fined for doing so.

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He added: “It makes no sense. It would mean I would have to take a train to Hull and back to Beverley, it wastes time and has a negative impact on the environment.

“I asked them what would happen if someone with autism got on the train and had to get off because they weren’t feeling well, and I was told they would have to let a staff member know before getting on. the train if she was planning to get off earlier. But that’s not how it works, is it? Who knows if they’ll feel overwhelmed before then?”

The man was told that this only applied to advance tickets, which are usually cheaper, not open tickets. However, he says it looks like discrimination because “medical issues are not something people can control”.

A Northern spokesperson said: ‘Advance tickets offer customers our cheapest fares and are only valid from the specified departure station. Passengers wishing to interrupt their journey will need to purchase an open ticket.

“Tickets in advance box be changed prior to departure from the original station, so if a customer’s travel plans change they should contact our ticketing staff to ensure they have the correct ticket for their new journey.

“Our colleagues on board and station staff would always do their best to help a customer facing a medical situation, which is a totally different matter than having the right ticket for their journey.”

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Clyde P. Johnson