After riding claims in RS polls, Kumaraswamy calls BJP Congress ‘B’ team

As polling for Rajya Sabha elections is underway in Karnataka, Janata Dal (S) leader HD Kumaraswamy on Friday called the Congress the Bharatiya Janata Party’s ‘B’ team and blamed the big old party for the rise of the BJP in the country. Kumaraswamy also said his own party’s MPs were not voting for JD(S).

“I said that Srinivasa Gowda would vote for Congress. SR Srinivas also did not vote for JD(S). Congress showed its true colors today. Congress is BJP’s ‘B’ team They are the main culprit behind the rise of the BJP in the country,” Kumaraswamy told media. Controversy over cross-voting and horse trading in Rajya Sabha polls erupted in Karnataka after Kumaraswamy claimed that the Congress leader Siddaramaiah was pressuring JDS MPs not to vote for their own party but for that of the big old party candidate.

“Yes, definitely. He is pressuring them not to vote for JD(S),” Kumaraswamy told media after being asked about Siddaramaiah’s claims that some JD(S) MPs were in contact with him. The former Karnataka chief minister also pointed out that Siddaramaiah refuted allegations that he wrote an open letter to JDS MPs asking them to vote for his party’s candidate.

“Today in front of local media he (Siddaramaiah) said he did not write to my MPs. He even tweeted the letter from his social media account. Now he is denying what he has said yesterday. It shows his double standard,” he added. added the head of JD(S). He also alleged that BJP General Secretary CT Ravi was seen entering the Congress office in the state.

“CT Ravi is BJP General Secretary, so how did he get into the Congress office? It shows that CT Ravi went to meet Siddaramaiah for his cooperation in winning the BJP candidate,” he said. “We are confident that we have 30 to 31 votes. JD(S) K Srinivasa Gowda said he would vote for Congress. Now let’s see,” he added.

In Karnataka, JD(S) fielded entrepreneur and social worker Kupendra Reddy as the top candidate for the Rajya Sabha election, while Congress had fielded Mansoor Ali Khan as the second candidate to corner JD(S) and its attempted to send Kupendra Reddy to the Rajya Sabha. Six candidates are vying for four Rajya Sabha seats from Karnataka. (ANI)

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Clyde P. Johnson