An equestrian center for the disabled receives a donation | Community

Montgomery, Pennsylvania – A non-profit organization that provides children and adults with disabilities the opportunity to ride horses, has received a financial boost from a local organization in Grange.

Eagle Grange, which is Pennsylvania’s oldest Grange Association, recently donated $500 to support SunnyBrook Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center.

SunnyBrook Meadows is a “Christ-centered organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities through therapeutic riding,” according to their website.

They have been providing therapeutic riding services since 1993.

According to its website, “children and adults with disabilities can benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally” from horseback riding.

Its benefits include muscle strengthening, improved balance and coordination, as well as self-esteem and the development of “self-awareness”.

Sunnybrook offers three Therapeutic Riding Programs (Spring, Summer, and Fall) per year lasting 10-15 weeks. Training takes place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Friday mornings.

There is also a Special Olympics training program which starts in February for a local event in April. Some runners will also attend the annual summer games held at State College in June.

SunnyBrook also offers regular riding lessons throughout the week in small groups of two to three for $30 per session.

Eagle Grange members were given a tour and insight into the work being done at SunnyBrook prior to receiving the donation.

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