Bernie Ecclestone, 91, arrested for carrying a gun while boarding a plane in Brazil

BERNIE Ecclestone was arrested in Brazil carrying a gun as he boarded a private jet to Switzerland, police said.

Cops said in a statement that they found an undocumented LW Seecamp .32 pistol in the former Formula 1 supremo’s luggage during an X-ray check.


Bernie Ecclestone was detained in BrazilCredit: Reuters
Cops say they found an undocumented LW Seecamp .32 pistol


Cops say they found an undocumented LW Seecamp .32 pistol

Ecclestone admitted to owning the gun, but said he was unaware it was in his luggage at the time, police said.

The Briton posted £990 bail and was released to travel to Switzerland.

Ecclestone, 91, is married to Fabiana Ecclestone, of Brazilian origin, vice-president of the FIA ​​and member of the World Motor Sport Council.

They attended several events in the South American country in May, including a local Stock Car race in the countryside near Sao Paulo and a meeting with three-time world champion Nelson Piquet in Brasilia.

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Ecclestone was arrested at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday at Viracopos Airport in Campinas, São Paulo, Globo reports.

The weapon was detected by the X-ray machine in the pocket of a shirt which was in his luggage.

When questioned, he told airport cops he had no knowledge of the gun.

He said he bought the gun from a Formula 1 mechanic five years ago and kept it on his farm in São Paulo.

Gun control laws in Brazil require all guns to be registered, with the minimum age to own a gun being 25.

Carrying a firearm outside a home is illegal and may only be permitted to certain groups with a special permit, such as police officers.

The maximum penalty for illegal possession of a firearm is two to four years in prison and a fine.

Bernie was the famous managing director of Formula 1, until he was replaced by Chase Carey.

He and Fabiana live a life of luxury – swimming in a fortune estimated at around £3billion.

Not only does he use a £30million yacht, but Ecclestone also owns luxury homes, a coffee plantation and his own mountain.

Besides motorsport and a love of Chelsea FC, Bernie has a passion for coffee.

This is what led him to buy an impressive £8million farm in Brazil, bigger than Monaco, where he creates his own batch called Celebrity Coffee.

More than 30 people work on the farm, where there are around 600 cows and cattle, 18 horses, six ponies, eight dogs and dozens of chickens and swans.

Ecclestone recently courted controversy by defending “the honorable” Vladimir Putin amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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In comments made in an interview with Times Radio, he said: “As a person, I found it very straightforward and honorable.

“He did exactly what he said he was going to do without any argument.”

Clyde P. Johnson