Burnley: Footage shows man on horseback in pub before he and his pint were stolen

BIZARRE video from Jubilee weekend shows a man knocked off a horse he rode in a pub, sending it – and another punter’s pint – flying.

The unfortunate jockey entered The Angel Inn, Burnley, on the back of a horse driven into the public house on Thursday June 2.

However, on entering the pub he hit his head against the first door beam before being sent flying through the inner door frame as the horse trotted inside.

As he fell off the back of the horse – which was adorned with a Union flag as part of the long weekend’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations – he crashed into another pub standing at the bar , which resulted in him spilling his pint all over the place.

A viewer, who filmed the disconcerting moment, said: “We were all having a good time, having a drink and laughing and celebrating the Jubilee.

“This boy comes in holding his horse with a rope and another man on his back, leading him into the pub!

“He hit his head on the top of the doorframe, tripped backwards and ran into this other man who at the time had a pint in his hand.

“He knocked it over, covering it with beer! Everyone in the pub was laughing and the horse was at the bar ordering a beer – well, that’s what it looked like!”

Shortly after the video ended, staff at the Accrington Road boozer told the men to remove the horse from the pub, which was decked out with Union flags and bunting marking the Queen’s historic 70th birthday on the throne.

The man added: “After the video ended, the bar staff told him to get the horse out and we continued with our day.

“It’s not every day that you see a horse walk into a pub! »

This is this is not the first time a horse has been spotted in a Burnley pubafter a nag stopped at the city’s Princess Royal in 2016.

Clyde P. Johnson