CBC put on notice its plea against banning horse and camel riding at Sea View

The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday issued notices to the Clifton Cantonment Board (CBC) and others on a petition by camels and riders seeking permission to operate in the Sea View area.

Claimants Asghar Hussain and others argued that they were horse and camel entrepreneurs who were engaged in collecting fees to provide horse, camel and vehicle rides by the sea. said that there were more than 400 people who made their living by camel, horse and motorcycle by the sea. camel on the shore presuming there was a stay order from the court while there was no restraining order from any court to prevent camel riding and riding on the shore.

They argued that it cost between 500 and 1,000 rupees a day to maintain a camel or a horse and that if the petitioners and other workers were not allowed to run their businesses at Sea View, they would not be able to keep their healthy animals and their families would also suffer from the loss of their livelihoods.

They said they provided recreational activities for Sea View picnickers and if they were arrested for work, the families of the petitioners would suffer irreparable loss. They said the CBC had been approached to remove restrictions on camel and horseback riding activities, but instead of providing relief, authorities registered several FIRs against the petitioners and their workers.

They said the cantonment board could be tasked with conducting an auction for the horse and camel rider fee collection contract and they could be allowed to run their businesses. The high court was asked to allow the claimants to run their business at Clifton and Sea View beaches and to order the cantonment council to hold an auction for the collection of horse and camel fees and before such an auction, and then to directly collect the fees from the petitioners and other camel and horse riders.

A division bench of the High Court comprising Justice Mohammad Junaid Ghaffar and Justice Amjad Ali Sahito, after a preliminary hearing of the motion, issued notices to a federal court officer, CBC and others, and called their comments at the next hearing.

Clyde P. Johnson