Charity Fife is proposing to add a viewing platform to the equestrian therapy base

East Fife and Scooniehill RDA have submitted a planning application for a viewing deck at Balcormo Farm in Leven.

The organization – founded in 1976 – offers riding therapy to a wide range of the community, from young schoolchildren to adults.

Now he wants to expand his range of activities to include unmounted and horse-related therapy to a wider group of participants, with a particular focus on mental health, including dementia, autism and anxiety. , as well as those with physical needs. .

The charity wants to add a viewing platform to its base

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He wants to provide a safe place for vulnerable people to observe the horses either during a riding session in the paddock or during a “tea with a pony” when participants can enjoy the proximity of the horses in full nature.

A supporting statement said: ‘This facility will be provided by the cabin offered. These types of activities are applicable to all ages and there is a high demand for the Leven area.

Attendees will be small groups, typically four plus caregivers and will be by appointment only as sessions must be supervised by an appropriate RDA person. Additional traffic to and from the facility will be minimal.

The charity moved to its current home in July 2019.

It has an indoor school that guarantees driving in all weathers.

Advisors will review the request in due course.

Clyde P. Johnson