Children battling cancer go horseback riding on a South Jersey farm

SOUTH HARRISON TOWNSHIP, New Jersey (WPVI) – “A normal day for a child with cancer is filled with hospital stays,” said Rich Nardiello. “It’s a unique opportunity to have those thoughts and memories subverted by a beautiful day on a farm with horses and with tons of smiles.”

Nardiello, who helps kids battling cancer in his own way, also helped organize this family fun day for the second year in a row. The event is part of the Kisses for Kyle Foundation, which provides families battling childhood cancer with special programs and activities.

One of these families are the Cianfrones of Voorhees, New Jersey. Jack, 8, was diagnosed with cancer last year.

“Jack is about 10 months into treatment for ALL, leukemia, and he’s due for chemotherapy,” Jack’s mother Carrie said. “He’s going to have to start physical therapy soon.”

Jack is in a good mood and likes to play video games so as not to think about the battle. Today’s riding event at Fertile Green Farms Equestrian was the perfect opportunity for him to try something new.

“Because some of the drugs had such an impact on his body, things like running aren’t as easy as they used to be,” Carrie said.

Nonetheless, Jack remains tough through each challenge.

“I had to take a bunch of shots,” he said. “It was quite difficult, but I got through it quickly.

Today’s fun day at the farm is a predecessor to the much longer day on the coast in Ocean City, New Jersey. The Kisses for Kyle Foundation is getting ready for the big day next June.

“We help families on treatment and off treatment because they can’t go a lot, they can’t attend a lot in the mainstream,” said chief executive Sharon Snyder. “So we bring them together. They meet, they get to know each other. So they feel like they’re not alone.”

To learn more about the Kisses for Kyle Foundation, visit their website.

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