Cowboys advance to playoffs with huge win

It has been difficult to determine who the 2021 Dallas Cowboys are for much of the season. Bringing the reigning Super Bowl champions to the end of the phone in Week 1 and then moving up to five wins by 20 points or more was infuriated by being embarrassed at home by Denver, giving up a sloppy game in Las Vegas and in looking pitifully flat just last week against Arizona.

But in the regular season finale, they came out shooting all the cylinders. A 51-26 Philadelphia crush was exactly what the Cowboys were trying to do as they headed into the playoffs.

“We needed this game” Tight end Dalton Schultz said after the game. “We knew we needed this game, just for the momentum, just for where we are as an offense and to build on what we did, we had to organize a game like this -the.”

Momentum was the word of the night, as several Cowboys spoke out about using the impressive road win as a springboard for the playoffs starting next weekend.

“Just to be able to build on a win before the playoffs, I feel like we’re putting the team and the momentum in the right direction. ” said defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence.

“This is what I was looking for before playing this game” running back Ezekiel Elliott said after his 87-yard night pushed him to over 1,000 for the year, “to kind of get back on the horse and set things up for the playoffs.”

“It’s a matter of momentum”, the quarterback Dak Prescott told reporters at her post-game press conference, “giving us something to carry over into this new season.”

Saturday night’s game was, in some ways, meaningless, with a playoff spot locked in for both teams and each hampered by injuries, illnesses and COVID absences. And while the Eagles were mostly second ropes that night, Dallas used the Week 18 game as a tune-up for anyone who could go.

“We have definitely accomplished what we have come here to accomplish. We came out in pretty good health ”, the head coach Mike McCarthy commented from the podium. “We had a lot of production in attack, everyone got to play. It was good to see some of our young guys take action and be productive.

It could easily have been a sloppy business, with no consequences for the Cowboys. But a 51-point wave with just under 500 offensive yards certainly leaves a better taste as every game now instantly becomes a do-or-die scenario.

Prescott is jumping into the tournament with a bang, having broken Tony Romo’s Cowboys franchise record for most touchdowns in a season. The fact that he did so by spreading the ball and involving so many teammates makes it even more impressive, as Saturday turned out to be a night out for the lesser-known Cowboys stars. Wide receiver Cedrick Wilson hit a pair of touchdown throws, and backers Corey Clement, Ito Smith and JaQuan Hardy all scored equally.

Dallas set a new league mark for the most players to find the end zone in a single year, at 22.

“It’s cool to get that record,” admitted Prescott. “I think that says a lot about a team. Just having so many guys scoring touchdowns is impressive. But honestly none of that matters now as we look ahead and move forward into what’s to come. “

What is to come, however, has not yet been fully determined. The Cowboys know they won’t be any worse than the NFC’s No.4 seed. Depending on the outcome of a handful of other games to be played on Sunday, they could finish as high as No.2.

“It’s not my job to sit here and wonder if other teams are going to win,” said Lawrence. “It’s really up to us, the Cowboys, to come out, no matter who we play, to put ourselves in a position to win the game.”

If they play the way they did on Saturday night, the Cowboys – who are expected to make up most of their absent players this week – could pose a significant problem for everyone at the conference.

“It doesn’t matter,” Schultz said when asked about potential opponents. “Line them up. “

While no one within the organization will state a preference for who they host in Wild Card Weekend, McCarthy has subtly hinted that the Cowboys’ path to Super Bowl LVI could very well be through the frozen tundra of his former home ground. Green Bay game.

“I’ll say this,” McCarthy told members of the media. “With the potential of the teams that we potentially have to play in the playoffs, I thought the fact that we had to play in 22 degrees weather and a wind of four miles an hour [in Philadelphia] was great. So it’s a great experience for us.

But that goes way too far for a team who have faced the endless adversity of the 2021 season, just like the old cliché, one game at a time.

“When that plane lands in Dallas, that’s the starting line,” said McCarthy. “This is what we’ve been talking about since April. We had goals.

And Saturday’s Week 18 performance was very close to what those goals looked like on the minds of the Cowboys and their fans.

“I just feel like we have to keep going out every night and doing what we do best”, Wilson shared after coming out on top of the team with five catches for 119 yards. “Obviously we’ve posted it tonight, but we have a few big ones coming up, and that’s when we need to post it. “

“Everybody’s hungry, everybody’s playing a one-game season every week,” Elliott previewed. “You just have to go out there and get the job done. You don’t want to go home.

Clyde P. Johnson