Dad’s priceless reaction to riding his son’s 640-hp 4-speed Dodge Charger

A son can’t surprise his car-crazed dad every day, but on the Scott’s Speed ​​Shop YouTube Channeldirected by Jedediah Scott, Jed managed to do just that, with his father, of course.

The video details the work done on the resto-mod as well as Scott Sr.’s first ride in the seedy 640 horsepower To dodge Charger they nicknamed Jezebel.

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Jezebel is a 1970 Dodge Charger brought back to life

The channel describes itself as “a clumsy young Mopar and his wise old Mopar wizard of a father, working on various Mopar and non-Mopar projects. Covering everything from engine building, rear differentials, carburettor setup and porting /polishing, to the occasional dream car build.You’re sure to find something that should help you kill 10-20 minutes and hopefully entertain you at the same time.

And the Jezebel is certainly entertaining enough as a 4-speed, 640-hp 1970 Dodge Charger that looks scruffy but can kick up a cloud of dust.

It runs on a 500ci big-block Mopar engine and a tunnel with two Holleys. Other additions that allow it to project 640 horsepower are Chrysler 18 spline A833, White Hedman Race headers, RAM dual disc clutch, Hydramax release bearing and finally, Strange Dana 60.

As one Instagram fan commented, “It’s what you call a Charger sleeper, they make it look like it’s not perfect and it’s not made on the outside but under the hood, they have a surprise monster running around with a nice patina.”

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A big smile on your face

The video starts with Jedidiah talking about the many changes to the car and how he likes to drive it even when racing, to rack up those 500 miles to really open up the car and its engine. He calls the ratty Charger “reliable” and finally, it’s time to take Scott Sr. for a spin, to show what all the Jezebel can do.

Jedidiah’s dad had a big smile on his face the whole ride, although he slipped a bit when the ride got a little too fast and caught a sheriff’s car.

While the channel’s fans loved what they did at the Jezebel, they loved the father-son interaction even more, seeing how much Dad loved the car and what Jedidiah did to it. While Jedidiah seemed hesitant to go full throttle, we think Dad would have been completely at home chewing up Jezebel roads.

Source: Scott’s Speed ​​Shop YouTube Channel

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