Furious traveler ‘kicked out’ from airport after airline canceled flight at gate

Anna Wynd missed her godson’s first birthday after her already delayed flight was canceled and was told, along with other travelers, to leave Leeds Bradford Airport

Anna Wynd says she and other passengers were asked to leave the airport after their flight was canceled

A traveler says she and other disgruntled passengers were ‘kicked off’ from Leeds Bradford Airport when their flight to Belfast was cancelled.

Anna Wynd claims she missed her godson’s first birthday because she wasn’t allowed to return to the salon to buy another plane ticket.

The 35-year-old told Yorkshire Live she and other passengers had passed through security and were at the gate on Friday when the flight was canceled and they were told to leave.

Anna, from Morley, West Yorkshire, was angry that she was not allowed to return to the lounge to book another flight.

She said she should have gone back to check-in after rebooking, where queues had already piled up. So she decided to cancel the trip, which meant she would miss her godson’s first birthday.

Flybe reimbursed Anna for the flight but she says she would also like her trip to the airport covered


Anna Wind)

Anna, who works in human resources, had been waiting for hours for her flight to Belfast which was due to leave at 11.30am, only to have Flybe cancel it around 1pm.

She said: “I’m furious but I have no energy to argue with anyone. I felt like I was treated less well by the airport than by the airline. I’m so disappointed with them because they kicked us out. I wish they hadn’t. I have to go back but I have no choice.

“I’m more furious that they wouldn’t let me go back to the lounge so I could book another flight with another supplier without going through check-in again.”

Anna says the whole situation was muddled even before she was told to leave, with the departure board erratically switching between canceled and delayed at one point. The 35-year-old claims to have directed passengers to Gate 1.

Anna said: “Earlier you could see on the screen it said ‘cancelled’ but all of a sudden it said ‘Go to door 1’. We thought there was maybe- be just a problem.

Anna says she is angry at the way staff at Leeds Bradford Airport have treated her and other passengers


Matthew Lofthouse SWNS)

“Everyone ran to gate 1 and then we stood in line and finally when we got to the gate they just told me the flight was cancelled. They said ‘Sorry, your flight is canceled and you must leave the airport’.

“I asked if I could go back to the lounge but they said ‘No, please leave’. Then they just let us out at arrivals.

Anna managed to get a refund from Flybe, but also wants her ticket to the airport paid for. She is also angry that she lost a day of her annual leave just to get to the airport and go home.

A Flybe spokesperson said: “Flybe Ltd can unfortunately confirm flight BE734 Leeds Bradford-Belfast City has been canceled on 10th June.

“Flybe has made every effort to re-accommodate customers and alternative flights have been offered for same-day travel. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or difficulty this cancellation has caused.”

Leeds Bradford Airport was also asked to comment.

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