Go horseback riding and camping in this scenic Kentucky location

You would expect in a state like Bluegrass to find plenty of places to enjoy a horseback riding adventure, including camping with horseback riding in Kentucky. The Bluegrass State is known for its hills of horse farms and of course our Kentucky Derby, but we also offer several opportunities for locals and visitors to get in the saddle themselves. One place you can visit with your own horses or take a guided ride (horses provided) is the Wranglers Campground and Riding Stable in the beautiful Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. This area of ​​our state is already a nature lover. dream come true and you can also go horseback riding in Kentucky through the woods and along the water for a memorable experience.

The Bluegrass State is full of outdoor adventures, and horseback riding in Kentucky is something everyone should try at least once. If you are lucky enough to have your own horse and haven’t been to Wranglers Campground yet, plan to visit soon! And if you don’t have a horse, but want to experience this beautiful area of ​​Kentucky on horseback, head to Wranglers Riding Stable for a memorable adventure. Would you like to explore the Land Between the Lakes region on horseback? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Wranglers Riding Stables, visit their official website.

Address: 5100 Laura Furnace Road, Golden Pond, KY, 42211

And for more on the outdoor adventures to be enjoyed in Land Between the Lakes, check out our previous article on one of our favorite trails in this Kentucky treasure!.

Address: Wranglers Campground: Land Between the Lakes, 5100 Laura Furnace Rd, Golden Pond, KY 42211, USA

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Camping with Horseback Riding in Kentucky

June 08, 2022

Sarah M.

Are there other places I can go camping with horseback riding in Kentucky?

There’s – you’ve heard of Kentucky Horse Park, haven’t you? Bluegrass is horse country, and the eponymous Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington is a place that celebrates this essential part of Kentucky culture. This unique theme park has something for everyone, young and old. From horseback rides and horse shows to a children’s playground and historic plaques, Kentucky Horse Park is a Bluegrass State destination. But what many don’t know is that you can camp overnight at this popular Kentucky park! There is a campground located in the blue hills of Kentucky Horse Park, and pitching a tent in the campground of this scenic park after a day of horseback riding is definitely an experience that belongs on your to-do list. Bluegrass buckets.

What are some other unique campgrounds in Kentucky?

Kentucky is a camper’s paradise, with our 45 state parks offering plenty of idyllic places to camp. In addition to proven favorite campgrounds in Kentucky, the new Progress Park Campground is a must-visit for all Bluegrass State camping enthusiasts. Progress Park is a 12-acre oasis located less than 10 miles from Churchill Downs (an iconic Kentucky Horse Country destination!), the Kentucky Expo Center and downtown Louisville. But you would never know, because it feels like its own little world. The campground has five vintage Airstreams, a bunkhouse, and two houses available for overnight rental, so you’re sure to find your own Goldilocks camping accommodation here. The best part? The glamping ground overlooks a pristine three-acre pond, so you can partake in a beloved Bluegrass pastime: kayaking! In fact, all Progress Park Campground guests have full access to kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and life jackets, so you can enjoy a fun-filled day on the water with your family.

Address: Wranglers Campground: Land Between the Lakes, 5100 Laura Furnace Rd, Golden Pond, KY 42211, USA

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