Horse riding in Luxembourg

Horse riding in Luxembourg


Jenny Biver, passionate about horses, gives information on riding schools, pony clubs, boarding and where to find equipment or clothing

Jenny Biver, passionate about horses, gives information on riding schools, pony clubs, boarding and where to find equipment or clothing

Luxembourg is a nation that loves horses, with many stables offering riding or boarding

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What better way to enjoy the magnificent Luxembourg landscape than on horseback?

Whether you are looking to get back in the saddle or discover a new passion, there are many ways to participate in the equestrian community in the Grand Duchy. Here is a selection of riding schools and stables, tips for renting a horse from a boarding house and where to find your equipment and clothing.

Equestrian centers and pony clubs

The cost of riding lessons varies according to the stables and the type of lesson but is around 20-40EUR for half an hour and 30-70EUR for one hour lessons. Beginner lessons are usually offered in slot or group settings, but private lessons are often offered upon request. The schools provide horses and ponies, harness included, included in the price.

With approximately 120 stands, the Kandel Brothers Equestrian Center in Strassen is one of the largest stables in the country, created in 1980. It attracts many young riders from the age of 8 who are guided in their learning of everything from the basics to their first competitions. Several riding instructors give lessons in Luxembourgish, German, French and English. Next to the equestrian center, they also welcome regular private riders who can ride in the large facilities.

61 Chau. Blanche, 8014 Strassen, Luxembourg

Baybees Riding School is an international riding school in Canach run by a British expat. Baybees provides a fun and safe learning environment for adults and children from 2 years old, who want to discover the world of horses as well as horse riding. They organize several events throughout the year, such as pony camps, forest walks and birthday parties, and organize corporate events on request.

Rue Hiel, 5415 Lenningen, Luxembourg

Surrounded by lush nature and forests, Equinox at Lintgen is part private stable and part pony club. They offer riding lessons in several languages ​​for beginners to more experienced riders from the age of 5, as well as pony club activities and games during the holidays.

201 Rte de Fischbach, 7447 Lintgen, Luxembourg

Trekking through the beautiful Luxembourg countryside is a great way to relax

Trekking through the beautiful Luxembourg countryside is a great way to relax

Photo: LW Archives

Bricher Paerdsstall is an educational family farm where the core philosophy is learning centered around horses and other animals. They regularly offer riding lessons and lunge sessions for kids and adults ages 4 and up, as well as farm-themed birthday parties. They also offer remedial horseback riding and animal-assisted therapy for children and adults with special needs, such as autism, ADHD, or movement disorders. These sessions are offered in individual and group lessons where, on a guided horse, the rider can follow the relaxing and stimulating rhythm of the animal’s movements and perform gymnastic exercises in a safe environment. Equine therapy has been shown to be effective in creating emotional bonding and healing and can aid in physical and emotional healing and build confidence.

3:00 p.m. Zeep, 7415 Helperknapp, Luxembourg

If you’re looking for something with a bit more speed, check out Roude Léiw Polo Club. They regularly hold Polo Cups open to the public, but you can also try polo with one of their trainers or join the club and hire a polo pony to take part in training regularly.

Rue des Celts, 1318 Luxembourg

Cowboy for a day

Looking to enjoy a few hours of relaxation in the saddle? Head to campsite & organic farm Toodlermillen in the heart of the Luxembourg Ardennes, where you can take a guided hike with Icelandic horses through the valleys of the Upper Sûre. This experience is offered to experienced adult riders only, but kids can also spend time with four-legged friends, cleaning, combing and petting the farm ponies. Additionally, Toodlermillen is also a trail riding station, providing a place to sleep for horse and rider traveling longer distances.

1 Toodlermillen, 9181 Geisdref, Luxembourg

There are many local riding schools and places where you can enjoy mindfulness with horses. Check FLSE website for more information.

Rent a horse

In some stables you can board a school horse, but the most common is to rent it from a private individual. The best way to do this is to contact the stable you are interested in to let them know you are looking for a lease and they can help you spread the word. Like most things in Luxembourg, the equestrian community is quite small with an atmosphere of everyone. Once you talk to a few people about wanting to rent a horse, there’s usually someone who knows someone, especially through Facebook communities.

The rental cost varies and depends on how many days you are willing to take and is an agreement between you and the horse owner. In some cases you can help with stable duties in exchange for riding, but it’s generally appreciated if you can help defray the costs. The most common is half board, where you take care of a horse 3-4 days a week, or quarter board where you take 1-2 days a week.

Online Communities

Flourmaart fir tree Reider and Verkaaf vun Reitartikelen are the largest equestrian Facebook communities where you can buy and sell used clothing and gear, search for boarding, find the occasional horse for sale, or ask for recommendations on vets or farriers.

Where to find your riding gear and saddlery

If you can’t find what you’re looking for second-hand, there are several options to equip yourself with. Equiva Mersch has everything for horse and rider and all additional supplies for the stable. Citabel Golf & Horse in Howald offers a selection of exclusive equestrian brands and the Gardencenter+ next to the Cloche d’Or, you will find a fairly large selection of basic necessities for horses and riders. Basic clothing and gear can also be found at Decathlon.

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