Inspiration Ranch adds speech therapy to its therapeutic riding program

MAGNOLIA, TX – As Inspiration Ranch continues significant growth in 2022, it is also adding a vital new service for its customers with special needs – speech therapy – through the Assisted Services industry speaker. horses and speech therapist Keith O’Connor.

Prominent Industry Educator and Speech-Language Pathologist Joins Inspiration Ranch

“We have seen our horses bring the first words of customers many times over the past 14 years,” says Inspiration Ranch President and CEO, MG Tindall, “we now offer our customers the opportunity to develop long-term speaking and communication skills by pairing them with Keith. »

Therapeutic riding stimulates the part of the brain needed for speech and learning. Combined with speech therapy, it helps therapeutic riding clients improve their memory, receptive and expressive language skills, learn to articulate words better and become more fluent when speaking through designed riding activities. to improve cognitive communication.

At Inspiration Ranch, that means O’Connor partners with Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors (Instructors) for highly personalized sessions. The instructor is responsible for the client’s physical, sensory, emotional and cognitive goals. O’Connor serves as a curb for therapeutic riding sessions, helping to stabilize the client in the saddle, and as a speech therapist, responsible for the client’s speech and communication goals. Together, the instructor and O’Connor develop weekly lesson plans so that the client achieves all of their physical, sensory, emotional and communication goals.

“When I first started volunteering with therapeutic riding eleven years ago, I likened the results to magic,” says O’Connor, “But of course magic was the science of goals. structured therapies targeting the sensory input supported by the movement of the horse A perfect environment for a speech therapist!

O’Connor is right. The therapy carousel is the ideal partner for speech therapy.

O’Connor holds a Certificate of Clinical Proficiency in Speech Language Pathology and a Master of Arts in Communication Disorders. He started working as a speech therapist for Cy Fair and Katy ISD in 2001; he recently retired from Katy ISD and still serves Cy Fair ISD. He began volunteering for therapeutic riding organizations in 2010 and quickly became a respected voice in the equine assisted service industry. He has presented at several Professional Association for Therapeutic Riding International (PATH, Intl.) conferences and at PATH, Intl. Accredited centers for instructors, parents, and caregivers on teaching strategies for autistic riders, communication and behavior strategies for people with special needs, and applied behavior analysis.

Anyone interested in speech therapy at Inspiration Ranch should email [email protected]

Clyde P. Johnson