Lowcountry Ranch with Therapeutic Horseback Riding

HUGER, SC (WCBD) – Blissful Dreams Rescue Ranch located in Huger uses horses as a form of therapy for children and adults dealing with psychological, emotional, physical and relationship challenges.

Ryan Tomaszycki at Blissful Dreams

Established in 2010 by Jamie Kohler, the faith-based nonprofit organization provides a safe environment to help visitors develop self-awareness, socialization skills and more by riding, feeding and grooming horses.

“We use rescue horses, dogs, cats, all kinds of animals to try to reach community members of all abilities,” Kohler said.

Wednesday morning, art campa program for autistic artists, spent time at the ranch.

“It’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” said Ryan Tomaszycki, camper at Camp Artism.

Ashley Drayton, Founder and CEO of House of Artists Foundation and Camp Artism, says activities like horseback riding put a smile on everyone’s face.

“It helps their communication skills, both horse and rider are one. They are able to thrive abundantly beyond the spectrum,” Drayton said. “I see them smile, I see them go a very, very good time to be able to experience something that they don’t do on a daily basis.”

Many ranch animals are rescues, including three horses rescued from the killing pad.

“They know they’re loved and they give that love back,” Kohler said. “I like working with tough horses, so we got them, they didn’t know much, and worked with them and now pretty much anyone can ride them.”

The nonprofit seeks to expand its reach with inclusive summer camps.

“This year we’re really trying to focus on all inclusion camps, including everyone, regardless of age and ability,” Kohler said.

For more information on campsites, Click here.

Camper Ryan Tomaszycki says the trip to Huger is worth it.

“When we work together and the horses work together, it’s all about tenacity, perseverance and perseverance!”

Clyde P. Johnson