Oklahoma Short Tells Story of 3 Boys’ Boarding School Escape Attempt

A new short film in the works in Oklahoma tells the story of a devastating chapter in the state’s history.

The film is called “Ghosts” and is directed by Oklahoma native filmmaker Jeffrey Palmer.

The film is based on a true story about three Kiowa boys who died after trying to escape from a boarding school near Anadarko.

James Mooney, an author who documented Kiowa practices, quoted one of their calendars as saying:

“The Anko calendar records the deaths of three schoolchildren, indicated by the image of a boy in civilized attire holding a book.”

“We really hope it brings more awareness and people pay attention to stories like these, which weren’t popular and haven’t been told for a very long time,” said film producer Adam Ropp. .

Yukon Indigenous actor Lane Factor wants to change the narrative around Indigenous people in the media.

“Anytime you see a Native American in any type of media, maybe it’s like a western where they just get shot from a horse or something,” he said. .

He plays a character named Charles in “Ghosts”.

“It’s really important to this story because it was actually our story, it’s the ways they try to kill Native Americans. I think it’s really, really important that stories like these are told , and also that Indigenous stories can be told,” Factor said.

“It wasn’t very difficult for us to go and find places that already had these stories that we already tell in their history. In fact, we’re at one of those places today, we’re shooting in a building that was a former boys’ boarding school from the early 1900s,” Ropp said.

The film could be produced in a feature version of the same story.

Clyde P. Johnson