On boarding

Residential boarding is becoming an integral part of schools not only in big cities but also in mofussil areas, catering to parents in the middle segment and above.

New dispensations such as skating, Bharatnatyam or robotics lay the foundation for the overall development of a service and give children access to the resources necessary to realize their dreams.

Such initiatives are gaining popularity and traction primarily with working parents and all those, among others, who cannot manage their wards at home for whatever reason.

Be it a boy or a girl, boarding schools offer the right choice for a pragmatic parent for children of all age groups. Boarding schools are becoming relevant as a variant of learning in modern education.

They pave the way for new opportunities in preparing a child, such as horseback riding and swimming, while also having the potential to become resource havens for young scientific minds.

The resource here involves both knowledge and practical skills. Residents participating in this exercise are exposed to many things and are free to choose and acquire the talent of their choice over the duration.

Boarding school faculties are tasked with participating in a changing paradigm that offers holistic education. Today, commuting to and from school undoubtedly poses several challenges like dust, grime, exposure to infections, etc. Logistical things like transit time and traffic clots also become important as cities become more crowded and roads get clogged. The main thing, of course, is education.

Many schools therefore make sure to address the right concerns such as child welfare and follow through with an emphasis on the child’s safety, discipline, interests and grooming. Seeing the rising aspirations of Indian parents and their wards, in a Covid driven world, many schools are showcasing their exclusive teaching pedagogy, sports facilities and a decent mix of extracurricular and academic content.

Clyde P. Johnson