Riding dragons in House Of The Dragon is “incredibly commonplace”

When Smith first saw his dragon, Caraxes, onscreen in all his CGI glory, he was suitably impressed. “I thought that was cool,” he shared. “I was like, ‘Wow, that’s a big fucking dragon.'”

According to Smith, Daemon and Caraxes are two peas in a pod and have a “strange symbiosis” between them. “They’re grumpy, belligerent, sort of cross loners,” he said. “And I think, in a lot of ways, his dragon is one of the only people who really understands him. I think that’s why he gets along with him so much, like people sometimes do with dogs… there’s a strange, almost like an avatar-ness to them both.”

Creating the scenes where the real-life actors were riding these big fucking dragons, however, required very long hours on set riding what D’Arcy described as a “bucking bronco” hoisted 10 feet in the air. . Although Smith said the experience was cool, he admitted that after riding the ball for over 10 hours as they constantly hit him with the wind and rain, he was looking forward to this day being over. .

Alcock agreed with Smith’s assessment of the long days of producing dragons and described the experience as “incredibly mundane”.

“I mean, it’s fun,” she conceded. “But I’m going to work because I want to work with great actors, and I want to work opposite great actors. When you’re alone on a soundstage for 12 hours, and it’s day three, you’re like, ” Please. Give me something else to do.” But newness is something I will forever hold in my heart.”

Clyde P. Johnson