Selkirk celebrates its first joint constituency after covid-19

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Selkirk Common Riding has been suspended since 2019.

Since the last joint constituency, the community of Selkirk has been able to celebrate virtually, but the city has made sure to go above and beyond to mark the welcome return of the festivities.

Provost Keith Miller said: “It’s been absolutely perfect from the start.

“Obviously there is still a big appetite for Common Riding.

“It was a concern that maybe people had gotten used to not having one [a Common Riding] but obviously they just waited for daylight.

“I can’t think I’ve seen a crowd of this size in a very, very long time.

“He’s worth the pain.”

Adam added: “I am speechless at the number of people who were here.

“I didn’t expect so many horses.

“People who came out to support and everything, it’s just awesome.

“It’s hard to put into words because after two years without anything, you don’t know what to expect, but it was absolutely brilliant.”

The Provost shared what it was like to welcome Adam as our flag bearer this year.

He said: “Adam, from the day he was appointed, has been absolutely brilliant.

“He did everything that was asked of him, he worked hard.

“He speaks to everyone, young and old.

“A very popular standard bearer.

“A big thanks to him.”

Despite the rain, Selkirk had definitely been buzzing since the return of its standard bearer.

And for another year can say “Safe Oot, Safe In”.

Clyde P. Johnson