swiggy: ‘Enough horses’: Swiggy identifies horse-riding delivery agent from viral video

The search for Swiggy’s equestrian delivery man is over.

The food delivery platform has finally identified it.

The search for Swiggy came to an end after a young man named Avi and his friends shared the trail of the delivery agent on horseback. The viral video was actually by them from a car in Mumbai.

Swiggy released a statement on July 9, revealing the identity of the man on horseback. According to the statement, the man who appeared in the video is not Swiggy’s employee, but a typical teenager who ended up borrowing things and forgetting to return them.

The statement says the man on the horse that everyone has mistaken for the mysterious delivery agent is Sushant, a 17-year-old boy who borrowed the company’s delivery bag from his friend but did not return. .

Sushant works as a horse tailor at a local stable in Mumbai. It adorns horses for special occasions like wedding processions. When the video was shot, Sushant wore an embroidered drapery and other decorations for the horse.

Swiggy also revealed the name of the horse, saying the man was riding “Shiva”. After the video went viral, netizens expressed their mixed opinions on choosing such an unusual ride. While some praised the “delivery man” for carrying out his duty despite the rain, others worried about his safety.

Swiggy had announced a reward for anyone who helped identify the mounted delivery agent. Stating ‘address the horse in the room’, the company said it would pay Rs 5,000 to the person who helps them find the man in the viral video.

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Clyde P. Johnson