TCSAR responds to riding accident

JACKSON, Wyo.– Yesterday afternoon, Teton County Search and Rescue (TCSAR) volunteers came to the aid of a man and woman who were both injured in a riding accident south of town .

According to a statement from TCSAR, the couple were each riding their own horse when both horses spooked and pushed them away at the same time. Volunteers were called to the Willow Creek area around 12:30 p.m.

The man was able to descend the mountain to make the emergency call, which triggered the rescue.

Search and Rescue then responded with a team in the RZR and with rescue electric mountain bikes. The RZR team navigated rough terrain and got straight to the patients. The volunteers assessed their multiple injuries and transported them out of the hinterland to a waiting ambulance.

The whole mission lasted 4 hours and 42 minutes.

Caroline Chapman is a community news reporter. She enjoys reading non-fiction, skiing, hiking, and playing the piano in her spare time. Her favorite aspect of life in Jackson is the genuine admiration the people of Wyoming share for the land and the life it supports.

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