The modern pentathlon replaces horse riding with an obstacle course: The DONG-A ILBO

The Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne voted to abolish equestrianism and introduce an obstacle course instead.

On Tuesday, the Federation held a board meeting in Budapest, Hungary, and announced that it had chosen an obstacle course to test out of 60 sports proposed to replace equestrianism. Obstacle Discipline Testing will begin immediately after the UIPM World Cup Finals in Ankara, Turkey in June. Details of the competition format will be finalized at a later date.

Equestrian is one of the five disciplines of modern pentathlon, along with fencing, swimming and laser run (running and shooting). The decision was first made at the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 due to fairness concerns. In modern pentathlon, athletes are assigned to horses by lot after completing fencing and swimming. In Tokyo, Germany’s Annika Schleu went from first to 31st because her horse refused to jump. His angry trainer was seen punching the horse and was removed from men’s individual competition.

Obstacle discipline seems to be a new discipline in modern pentathlon coming out of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. However, not all athletes appreciate the change. Joseph Choong, who won a gold medal in the men’s event at the Tokyo Olympics, has written to IOC President Thomas Bach urging him not to withdraw riding from the modern pentathlete.

Hong-Gu Kang [email protected]

Clyde P. Johnson