The modern pentathlon to try the obstacle discipline as a replacement for horse riding

Modern pentathlon, an Olympic sport since 1912, will test an unspecified obstacle event as one of its five disciplines to replace equestrian as it tries to stay at the Games.

UIPM, the international sports governing body, said monday that he will test two variants of an “obstacle” discipline after the World Cup final at the end of June.

It has been reported that obstacle discipline is a form of obstacle course, but the UIPM did not provide details when asked on Monday.

Obstacle disciplines have led to more than 60 proposals to replace equestrianism, which the UIPM said was due to be phased out last year to boost the chances of retaining modern pentathlon’s place in the Olympics.

Modern pentathlon will take place at the Paris 2024 Games but is not currently on the Los Angeles 2028 schedule. It could still be added for 2028.

“They must demonstrate a significant reduction in cost and complexity and improvements in the areas of safety, accessibility, universality, appeal to young people and the general public,” the president said. of the IOC. Thomas Bach said in December.

Other modern pentathlon events are fencing, swimming and a combined running and shooting event. Modern pentathlon was created by the founder of the modern Olympics, Baron Pierre de Coubertinand has its roots in the duties required of a late 19th century soldier.

British Joe Choong and Kate french won the gold medals in Tokyo last year.

Choong and French are among the modern pentathletes who have spoken out against abolishing horse riding.

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Clyde P. Johnson