The parade biker, 86, has been riding motorbikes since the Queen’s reign

An 86-year-old motorcyclist on his vintage bike in the Jubilee Parade has been riding motorbikes since the Queen took the throne.

High Barnet’s Peter Biles and his 1952 twin Vincent were part of a fleet of classic motorbikes celebrating the culture, music and fashion of the first decade of the Queen’s reign in The Time Of Our Lives show.

The octogenarian said he passed his exam at the age of 16 and took up motorcycling in 1952, a year before the monarch was crowned.

In the one from 10 years ago, I couldn’t hear the engine running; the roar of the crowd was enormous

Peter Biles

He told the PA News Agency: “I’ve always loved bikes.”

He said it was a “privilege” to be part of the festivities and that he hoped for a repeat of the Golden Jubilee, which he also took part in.

“In the one 10 years ago, I couldn’t hear the engine running; the roar of the crowd was huge, I pushed the throttle and still couldn’t hear the engine”.

His wife rode in the sidecar at this event and on tours of the Alps, but is no longer able to and is watching this year’s show on TV.

“She’s got bad hands now, so she went to Golden One 10 years ago and went overseas, toured Switzerland and stuff, but she’s scared to get in there in case she can’t. out, so she’s home, which is a shame.”

Lord Mountbatten (Pennsylvania)

(PA Media)

Mr Biles said he was a royalist and had met senior royals in the past.

“I’ve seen the Queen before and I saw her in Paris when I was in the army when I was driving a staff car.

“I used to drive Lord Mountbatten to Paris when I was a fit young man years ago.”

Waiting for the motorcade to depart from a parade of cool, gray Horse Guards on Sunday morning, Mr Biles was dressed in biker gear including a leather jacket and said he didn’t mind getting wet.

“I feel sorry for the people all dressed up in case it rains,” he said.

Clyde P. Johnson