The Saigonnais are embarking on an expensive hobby of horse riding

Instead of going shopping or attending entertainment activities in the central area of ​​the city, Vu Thi Thuong from District 3 and her family members go to the suburbs where they practice horse riding.

According to Thuong, horseback riding is known as a sport of nobility.

“What’s interesting is that you can sit on the back of a real animal. Riding a horse brings a sense of ‘adventure’ to people,” she said, adding that the sport is suitable both adults and children.

Huyen Trang, from District 10, said it took him 20 minutes to feed the horse and “get to know” him before getting on the horse.

She said the sport is suitable for those who are adventurous and have good financial capabilities. The costume alone costs millions of dong. People also need to be equipped with protective tools.

An imported horse costs between 100 and 200 million VND, while domestic horses are cheaper.

Pham Hong Thuy Trinh, director of the Vietgangz Horse Club, said customers are willing to spend 200 million VND to buy a horse and hire the club to look after it for 8 million VND per month. The owners come to visit and ride horses whenever they wish.

Trinh said caring for imported horses is expensive due to the hot weather in the south. In addition, it is necessary to closely monitor the daily diet of horses, inject horses with vitamin C to help soothe horses’ temperature, and inject calcium after horses engage in many activities. .

Horses must always be in the best condition to serve their owners. And they need to bathe every day. Horses not only eat grass to gain weight, but are also fed bran to increase their energy.

The Vietgangz Horse Club now has 10 horses, and the number of customers registering for riding lessons and experiencing horse riding has increased rapidly since its opening. People are curious about horseback riding because this sport remains unknown in Vietnam.

The club offers riding lessons at three levels – basic, advanced and professional. Basic courses provide the skills needed to control a horse, while professional training courses help people to ride a horse competently and canter. Trainees have to pay VND 12.9 million for such a 36-lesson training course.Tran Chung

Clyde P. Johnson