The Slump God ski mask and ‘Chillin Island’ go horseback riding

It’s the start, but HBO’s new wilderness show Chile island is already poised to be an online favorite under the radar. The premise of getting popular rappers out of their element to connect with nature – and ask wacky, rocky questions under the stars – has huge viral potential, and the show’s laid-back vibe makes it the perfect distraction. of the extremely anxiety-provoking news unfolding around us.

It also helps guests play, even when it’s clear they’re not totally sure what’s going on. In a preview for the next episode of HBO’s weird show, Florida rapper Ski Mask The Slump God falls into the desert after rolling down a steep hill as the show’s unmoved narrator Steven Wright ponders, “Who die first – him or his Nintendo Switch? ”Hopefully, it’s the Switch; Ski Mask has an album to release at some point this year after delaying follow-up to his immensely fun debut in 2018 Stokeley.

Still, it’s a pleasure to watch the Chillin Island team – the other rappers Dap, Despot and Lakutis of the New York underground scene – giving poor Ski Mask a crash course in horseback riding, especially when it does. makes you wonder if sex on horseback is possible. The jury’s out on that one, but you can check out the preview below and watch the episode tonight at 10:30 a.m.ET on HBO or stream it anytime afterward on HBO Max.

Clyde P. Johnson