Tucumán: A man killed a young man who was riding a horse with a shotgun

A man murdered a a bullet in the head to a young man of 28 years circulating in a horse-drawn cart in a neighborhood of San Miguel de Tucumán.

hours later They arrested a 74-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of the crime. The police suspect that he attacked him because a few days earlier the victim had stolen his motorbike.

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The incident occurred yesterday when the victim, identified as Ariel Melian, He was traveling with his wife in a horse-drawn cart along Avenida Alem and López Mañan, in the southern district of the capital Tucumán.

The footage was recorded on a security camera in the area, in which it can be seen that a man approaches the car and without saying a word shoots one of the occupants.

The alleged perpetrator of the crime was arrested yesterday afternoon, identified as Miguel Bartolome Cajal. According to what happened, would be a Falklands ex-combatant.

“Melián is a boy with many horizons and that according to what was obtained from the first testimonies, the motive could be the theft of Cajal’s motorcyclea few days ago,” he said telam investigator.

This morning, prosecutor Carlos Sale, in charge of Homicide Prosecution Unit II, ordered searches of his home to seize items of interest in the case, Mainly the murder weapon.

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The skills are in charge of the Scientific Fiscal Investigation Team (ECIF) of the Public Ministry and the Homicide Division of the Tucumán Police.

For his part, the Sale prosecutor has 48 hours to take advance the hearing to formulate charges against the accusedalthough they assure that he could ask for 10 years in prison for Bartolomé Cajal.

Clyde P. Johnson