Tyson Fury barred from boarding flight to US for SECOND time for ‘involvement’ with Daniel Kinahan

BOXING star Tyson Fury has received another knockout blow from US authorities.

The Irish Sun can reveal that the ‘Gypsy King’ was yesterday banned from boarding a second flight to America from the UK.


Tyson Fury was denied permission to board the plane
He was banned


He was banned ‘due to his involvement’ with Daniel Kinahan

It is understood that Fury complained about the ban to US officials before he finally left Manchester Airport.

The ban comes a week after he was denied permission to board a flight to the ‘Big Apple’ eight days ago.

A senior boxing official told us: “He tried to board another transatlantic flight but the immigration officers told him he wasn’t allowed on the plane.

“He wasn’t happy with the decision but accepted it and left.”

His latest ban also comes after his father John confirmed in a social media post that they had been banned from entering America.

Fury was told last week that he had been barred from entering the United States “due to his involvement” with Daniel Kinahan.

A few hours after his refusal, he attended his cousin Nathan Gorman’s fight in Manchester.

After the fight, Fury did not participate in any interviews or comment on his cousin’s victory.

Speaking in April, Fury said he had ‘nothing to hide’ about his connection to Kinahan – who has been named by the US government as the head of a ‘murderous’ cartel.

The ‘Gypsy King’ was pictured with the now-sanctioned Irishman in Dubai in February, but insisted: “Because I was photographed with a man, that doesn’t make me a criminal.

“I’m just a boxer. There might be a criminal in this building.”


He added: “I have nothing to hide. The only time I broke the law was when I got a speeding ticket.”

Kinahan – who has no criminal convictions – was named by Ireland’s High Court in 2018 as a major actor in internationally organized crime.

The gang have been linked to “at least 20 murders” and have generated more than a billion euros in revenue, it is claimed.

Kinahan was the co-founder of boxing management company MTK Global – which represents Fury – but the organization cut ties with the 44-year-old in 2017.


Fury said of their professional relationship, “It only lasted from 2017 to 2020. Since then, nothing. Nada.”

He is now the third member of the boxing world to be refused entry to the United States after Matthew Macklin and trainer Ben Davison were grounded in April.

The development also comes after boxing promoter Bob Arum claimed in May that the ‘Gypsy King’ would not be barred from flying because he had no ‘business relationship’ with Kinahan.

Arum said, “Those affected by these sanctions are those who had business dealings with Kinahan.”

Daniel Kinahan and Tyson Fury pose for a photo in Dubai


Daniel Kinahan and Tyson Fury pose for a photo in Dubai

Clyde P. Johnson