Volunteers clean up a riding school for the disabled

Minster Law volunteers cleaned up at Wakefield Riding for the Disabled Association. Photo: Wakefield Riding for the Disabled Association.

Staff from the Minster law firm volunteered their time to help RDA revamp its outdoor seating area.

The outdoor area clean-up project began in April when various volunteers started cleaning the seating area and pulling invasive weeds around the picnic table.

A local construction company redid part of the slab, replaced the old rickety handrail and the roof of the outdoor seating area.

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Volunteers revamped the outdoor seating section. Photo: Wakefield Riding for the Disabled Association.

Funding for the project came from a successful application to the national charity RDA.

RDA center manager Carol Blake said: ‘A few weeks ago Minster Law came to start the initial work on the outside seating area, they weeded around the picnic area, washed the benches and planted.

“The second group came last week and weeded and laid bark chips. There is still a little bit to do and we hope another team from the company will come and finish the job.

Roxy Gill, an employee of Minster Law, said: ‘I had a fantastic time giving the outside seating area and around the stables a good makeover.

“The sun was shining, we put on our gardening gloves and got really stuck weeding and in general it’s a nicer place to spend some quiet time.

“We even got a little help from the absolutely beautiful horses who helped a lot eat the grass we were pulling. What an amazing cause to support.

Next month, the riding association is set to launch its ‘Tea with a Pony’ project, where people with dementia can visit the stables, have a cup of tea and pet some of the horses in a safe and control.

Carol added: “Our ‘Tea with a Pony’ project will provide people with dementia with a lovely sunny spot to watch the horses, reminisce and perhaps pet the horses.

Clyde P. Johnson