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Ozarks Veteran Equine Training Services offers an equine and riding training program for disabled American veterans with PTSD in the West Plains, MO area.

The program is available to U.S. disabled veterans with PTSD living within driving distance of their ranch located 8 miles southwest of West Plains, MO at no charge for the disabled veteran. The program operates from May to October each year.


Clinical studies confirm that equine training and riding have clinically significant impact on the quality of life of disabled veterans with PTSD. Veterans who have completed the horseback riding program have reported reduced symptoms and improved mental health. The veteran felt less anxious, depressed, angry, less isolated and more confident than before the riding program.

The 8-week equine training and riding course in 6 stages includes:

  • The initial meeting includes an introduction to Ginger, their 14-year-old Appaloosa mare they’ve used for years to teach people to ride, and a tour of the ranch.
  • The course includes teaching the veteran equine safety, how to lead the horse through floor exercises, the correct method of saddling, mounting and dismounting the horse, initial riding in the round paddock , then in the arena where the veteran “feels comfortable in the saddle”. ”
  • The veteran ends the route with a two-hour group hike.

President and CEO Allen R. Dye of West Plains, MO. is a Christian, a Vietnam veteran, a retired air traffic controller and for 15 years, with his wife, Debbie, he has been training and boarding horses on their ranch.

The program will attract veterans through VA referrals, advertisements, social media, flyers and brochures.

Mr. Dye said, “Disabled veterans in our region deserve the opportunity to find relief from some of the stresses they experience through equine training and riding right here at home.

Veteran Equine Training Services of the Ozarks, INC is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation. For more information about the program or tax-deductible contributions, call 877-5FORVETS or visit www.forvets.info

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