Wick Opticians Are Horsin ‘Around To Help The Riding School

A Wick optician donated special road safety tabards to a Lyth-based riding school.

Specsavers took action to help keep children and adults safe in January, with the Wick branch graciously donating road safety tabards to Horsin ‘Around stables. The giveaways are part of an initiative to raise awareness about important updates to the highway code from late January 2022 to help protect vulnerable road users.

Modeling of the Specsavers tabards is from left, Maia Bateman, Abbie Bell on Denver Colorado, Eleanor Hargrave with the stable mascot rescue chihuahua Louis Vuitton, Natalie Oag on The Great Gatsby and Sophie Bell. Natalie said Louis was modeling his road safety tabard jacket “while doing his part to raise awareness of the importance for dog walkers to be seen with their beloved canine friends this winter.” Photo: Ray Hilton

These rule updates aim to protect those most at risk by creating a hierarchy of users, including pedestrians, especially children, the elderly or disabled, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders.

Regarding passing horses, road users must:

  • Pass horses, including horse-drawn vehicles, at less than 10 mph.
  • Give at least 2 m of free space when overtaking horses and, if this is not possible, wait until it is clear to do so.

Natalie Oag of Horsin ‘Around said: “Thank you for passing us far and slowly – this is important, it protects us all. Remember, be seen and be safe.”

Natalie thanks Ian Morris of the Wick Specsavers branch for his kind donation and for “helping to keep everyone visible and safe on the roads this winter”.

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Clyde P. Johnson